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The Epassi product family offers a mobile means of payment for personnel benefits. Epassi products are a practical and green alternative to conventional cards and vouchers.

Eficode builds software products for their clients’ business needs with uncompromising efficiency. Our expertise is divided into Devops, Software and Big data units.

About us

Tech Consulting Group operates as a think tank of the digital era. We excel in internet-based technologies and harness our expertise to innovate and develop new business ideas for multiple industries.

We look at our business with a width of mind. Our focus is on innovations, not on restrictions. The same applies to our corporate culture: we encourage creativity instead of hierarchy and bureucracy. Our talented employees do their magic mostly in Finland and Denmark, but we operate internationally.

Interested in working with us?

Tech Consulting Group was established in 2007 and now has two subsidiaries: Eficode and Epassi. Our shared know-how and resources not only bring you technological solutions, but also aid in marketing, sales and IT management.

Tech Consulting Group TCG

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